About Us

Loccomotion.com was formed in December 2008 to focus on the motorcycle consumer market in specific reference to the Advantages of Light Weight Forged Aluminium Wheels in the first instance for Sports & Hyper Sports Motorcycle Riders and their machines.

Following a Global Analysis of the Motorcycle Wheel Market Loccomotion.com™ the ‘Scope of Interest’ was widened to include Super-Motard and Cruiser Motorcycles such as the Harley Davidson range & their Japanese Equivalents in Suzuki’s M 109R & the Mighty Yamaha V Max or MT 01.

As this market was researched it became clear that within the Australasian (New Zealand & Australia) Market there was no significant representational force that focused on the After-market Wheel Business in fact it became apparent that this was a potential New Market Niche Opportunity within the already well established Motorcycle Industry.

It also became Self-Evident that Motorcyclist’s as a genera typically are always on the look-out for a bargain and the Worldwide Web Internet Business Market Place” is increasingly where they immediately go to seek a solution to their needs and desires driven in reality that our regional market place is incredibly small and as a result does not have the “Stock Carrying Capacity” of the larger northern Hemisphere Markets of the USA, Europe, or Japan.

As such, Loccomotion.com™ in recognising this seeks to position itself to meet them in their requirements for Quality Products at Affordable Prices in order to retain the business generated within the New Zealand and Australian Business Zone, rather than shipping all this economic energy in full off to our Northern Hemisphere Commercial Partner Markets.

So from this notion flowed the Marketing Concept of “Loccomotion.com™” – People in Motion – On Wheels in Motion!

This Marketing Concept has subsequently been widened as the ‘Global financial Crisis’ has savaged many Western & Developed Country Markets and none more so than that of the New Zealand Motorcycle Industry, to include Specialist High Quality Motorcycle Accessories that increase the Personal Visual Signature of the Riders Motorcycle often revered as the “Apple of their Eye!” would be.

Therefore to this end Loccomotion.com™ has been constantly considering and developing a Niche Specific Product Range that Caters for the Hard Core Motorcycle Enthusiast & Custom Bike Builder / Owners Market.

Loccomotion.com™ is proud to represent within Australasia:

  • Brembo Racing® and its Sister Company
  • Marchesini® - the Recognised Global Leader in Forged Motorcycle Wheels - from Italy:
  • DRIVEN Racing® Products Based in Los Angeles – USA:
  • Spiegler USA Performance Products, from Dayton Ohio – Including Iconic German Brands such as:
    • Paaschburg & Wunderlich:
    • Motogadget:
    • Kellerman Lights amongst other Brands
  • LSL® of Germany - a Leading European Motorcycle Customising Products Manufacture:
  • Austin Racing® of The United Kingdom - who similarly provide a range of Race Focused Performance Exhaust and Related Race Hardware Components including specialist Café & Fairing Race Kitsets!

Last but certainly not least is:

  •  Coastalmoto® of Florida USA, who Specialise in the Forged Billet Aluminium Wheels for Metric Cruisers and Harley Davidson Wheel & Wheel Accessory Markets.


Loccomotion.com’s KEYNOTE is simple - All our Brands are about USA, British, German & European Made Precision Quality Motorcycle Products which are either, DOT and/or TUV Quality Certified and Safety Approved for General Road use in all of these very sophisticated markets.


Loccomotion.com™’s corner Stone Operating Philosophy is in simple terms: “Quality Products & Service at a Fair Value & Reasonable Price!”